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    My name is Carrie Duc-Vegso and I live in Deux Montagnes, Quebec, Canada. I am 42, married and have a beautiful 20 year old daughter. I became interested in genealogy a few years ago, but only really got into it when I got the Net a few months ago. My other interests include: adoption searching, great films, and my four ferrets: Slinky, Vixen, Shawnee, and Chewy. I am a Eclectic Wiccan of Pagan beliefs. I've been on the path since 1998. Although I've been interested and dabbling since 1970's. I look forward to sharing genealogical information with Hallett hunters everywhere.

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The Hallett's seem to have originated in Dorset, England. There have been references to them in the Bridport area for centuries. They did seem to be trademen primarily, many involved in cordwaining and butchers. Each generation it seems many would immigrate elsewhere in Britain and all over the world. You can virtually find Hallett's everywhere now. There are locations known as Hallett Point, Hallett, OK, Hallett Cove, and William Hallett Elemetary School in NY. Hallett's served in most of the wars. I am hoping to bring together Hallett hunters everywhere, in a forum where we can share data and family info. We can add important dates, gedcoms, and photos and news. If you're a Hallett hunter and have not been invited to the Hallett page yet, please let me know at and I'll be happy to sign you up for access to this free site.


I've come across many Hallett hunters since I began my researching. People who've gone above and beyond the call of duty to help out a stranger and a newbie to the genealogy game. I'd like to take this opportunity to thank each and every one of them for their assistance and friendliness!


My hobbies consist primarily of genealogy, ferrets, crocheting, IBS self-help group and rights of IBS patients, adoption searches, etc...