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Help    Me    Feed    Our/My    Family    Tree!

Hello there! I am an amateur genealogist who is researching my family tree. I am looking for information on the following family names and places: Hallett (Dorset, Eng - Glouchestershire, Eng - Beamister - England>Quebec, Canada), Harris (Dorset, Eng & England in general), Pratley (Middlesex, EngQuebec, Canada), Hayward (Oxfordshire, Eng - Middlesex, Eng - North Cerney & Paddington R.D., Eng), Gibson (Quebec, Canada), Smith (Quebec, Canada), Duc (France>Chermignon, Canton du Valais, Switzerland>Quebec, Canada), Bouin dit Dufresne (France>Quebec, Canada), Lamarche, QC, Canada; Hammerbeck (Quebec, Western Canada> Canada), O'Brien (Ireland>Quebec, Canada), Hughes (Ireland?>Quebec, Canada), Ellen (A-u-W, Eng), Anderson (Glasgow, Scotland>A-U-W, Eng), Smith (Eastleach Turville, GLS, ENG), Emery (Chermignon, Canton du Valais, Switzerland), Barras (Chermignon, Canton du Valais, Switzerland), Romailler (Chermignon, Canton du Valais, Switzerland). Any help you can give me pertaining to the above surnames would be appreciated and can be addressed to , thank you!

Carrie Duc
Deux Montagnes, Quebec

My Poems (Great for Kids/Wiccans/Fantasy Lovers)


Long ago and far away
On a once recalled, but now forgotten day
When the stars in the sky hung and glowed
And the moon was green cheese, and it showed!

Under the stars lay a Faery Queen
And an Elven Lord with a gilden sheen
In the courtyard a fawny-haired Princess played
In the castle tower a Wizard prayed

A Dragon flew across the sky
A plight to the Land and many died
A Prince was needed on a nobal steed
To carry out the bravest deed...

To save the Land and the Dragon slay
To wed the Princess and win the day
He charged the Dragon with sword drawn
The battle was fierce and blood covered the lawn

But the Prince won and the Dragon was dead
And a jeweled Crown was placed upon the Prince's head
And in the castle, on that starry night
The Princess beheld a wonderous sight

For the Prince came to claim her, his rightful prize
And she became his lawful bride
And the Faery Queen and the Elven Lord
Were among the wedding hoard

The Wizard annointed their wedding bed
And the stars glowed above their heads
"I pronounce thee King and Queen" he said
And so King Arthur and Queen Kristy were wed.

(This was written prior to my dedication to Wicca, so please excuse the Dragon slaying,
and the women's rights issues.  It's all meant in good fun! :-) Copyright 1991


The Faery sat on a buttercup
On dewdrops and nectar she did sup
And when she wished to recline
She covered herself with a dandelion

When she rested her tiny head
It was on a rosebud, so very red
Then just before she laid down
She removed her feather-light Faery crown

Upon her stomach she did lay
For Faeries have to sleep that way
So as not to crush their gossamer wings
They are such beautiful, fragile things!

When the sun came up, of a brand-new day
As she yawned and streched - in her Faery way
She broke her fast with some pollen brew
As a Summer breeze gently blew

Then  she dressed herself in her silken gown
And put back on her Faery crown
She wished Goodmoring to a Dove flying by
Soon she was flying through the morning sky

When she looked down to the ground
She almost lost her Daisy crown
A Fawn had fallen into a pond
She waved about her Faery Wand

The stardust sprinkled down through the sky
Floating so softly from way up high
Suddenly, the Fawn wss back at his mother's side
The Faery smiled and gently sighed

She looked up at the morning sun
This was another job well done
Then off through the sky, the Faery flew
Because this is what Faeries love to do!

Copyright 1991


A Willow, they must be CRAZY!!
Just absolutely dazey.
They surely wood not think
A woodnymph living here would really stink

The poor woodnymph wanted dewdrops
Giant spreading treetops
Leaves that faced the sky, not turning down
To make their bed below upon the ground

She wanted branches soaring upwards
Not this Willow, who was backwards
A Maple, Elm or Oak would surely do
She had to move to something that was new

The next day she moved to an Oak
And sadly, this is no joke
Since then the Willow has been weeping
To the Oak the woodnymph is keeping

Copyright 1991


Synliss was an angel, way up high
Who lived on a cloud floating in the sky
She remembered being a little girl
But then her memories began to whirl

One fine morning she began to pray
That she might be a girl again one day
She would have to preform one good deed
To help a human who was in real need

Each day she looked down to the ground
As each day passed, she worn a frown
Finally a soul did flutter, far away
She flew there quickly to save the day

After a while, she got there
(To tell you the truth, she was kind of scared)
The soul belonged to a tiny newborn
Who wouldn't last until the morn

She threw her spirit into that child
Then all at once, Synliss smiled
The baby would make it - Synliss knew
And she was reborn that day too.


The mountain reaches to the sky
It's been there forever, and I can tell you why...

The path begins where the Dwarves will dine
Then leads midway to where the Gnomes did their mine
Then goes up to the peak, where the Trolls do dwell
To climb that path, it sure is...well...

These are three ideal communities
Of races with many diversities
They interact for work and play
They dance and sing throughout the day

There are no wars, they never fight
They have no need for force or might
Everything is just as it should be
They live in Peace and Harmony

...For all of the world to come and see.  But we all say "It's just a Fantasy!"

Copyright 1991


Magickal Unicorn down by the stream
The most beautiful Unicorn I've ever seen
When I beheld you I wanted to cry
The sight of you brought tears to my eyes

Tail flying high and a pale coat of cream
Background forest of pastels, truly serene
To paint your portrait, I dare not try
Such a portrait could be but a lie

What wonderous places you must have been
This is the way I've always wanted to dream
While you race through the forest, stop and say Hi
Then back to your forest, for the night to lie

Play a tune or two upon your corn
Then rest yourself until the morn.

Copyright 1991


Thank goodness Yuletide comes but once a year
Because nowadays things cost so dear
What ever happened to those good old days
When presents were brought by reindeer and sleighs?

What ever happened to that rosy glow
Of hallways decorated with Mistletoe?
And those balls of Holly, bells that chime
Oh, it's been such a long, long time!

Something I used to anticipate
But that seems to have changed of late
Santa with his nose so red
Leave mild and cookies, then off to bed

The star on the tree, the homemade bread
All those aromas that went straight to your head
Turkey that was stuffed and cranberyy sauce
I doubt I could take it if all that were lost!

When I grew up, things started to change
But having no Yuletide spirit seems so strange
There are too few holidays in a year
When family and friends are held so dear!

Someone told me Santa doesn't exist
But oh, how that jolly man, is sorely missed!
So if you don't mind, I think I'll believe,
At least for one more Yuletide Eve!

Copyright 1991


Brunella the Witch was in a terrible stew
She couldn't find the right ingrediant for her Samhain Brew
So she jumped on her broomstick and off she flew
To ask the North Wind what she should do

When she asked the North Wind, do you know what he said?
"I can't help you now, for I have a cold in my head"
Brunella told him to go straight to bed
Then off to the King of the Sea she was led

The King of the Sea was a sorry sight
For he had been in a horrible fight
She begged him to tell her, as hard as she might
But he said, "Mother Nature might shed some light".

Mother Nature was sitting up in a tree
Crocheting leaves, as busy as a bee
"Oh Mother Nature, won't you please help me?"
"Of course my dear, but don't you see?"

"One hair off of your black cat, is all you miss"
Burnella was filled with such wonderful bliss
She plucked one hair and her cat gave a hiss
Then she gave her cat a great big kiss

Into the cauldron that hair went
It had been a busy day, but well spent
Because of that hair that Brunella was lent
It was her best Samhain yet, and it didn't cost a cent!

Copyright 1991


Fat cat Jake is a fat black cat
You can always tell where this fat cat sat
He eat and eats all day long
And if you don't feed him, he'll tell you what's wrong

He sits around on his big fat rear
But he really is quite a dear
His long black hair is always matted
And if you try to brush him, you soon are batted

He rattles the door handle when he wants to come in
He comes a-running when you open a tin
When his leg was broken, he used his cast
To knock on the door and make you come fast

He doesn't know how to catch a mouse
But then, there are no mice in this house
He thinks he's related to our dog
And lays around ike a bump on a log

He runs in the house when he's all wet
He jumps up on me and I say "GET
You can ALWAYS tell where this fat cat sat!

Copyright 1991


Where'd you get that scruffy coat?
Grabbing Pasha by the throat
Don't you know he's trice your size?
He lays there and gently sighs.

You're supposed to be a Terrier
You get bigger - it gets scarier
Messing up my newly made bed
Power went right to your head!

Where'd you learn to pick those pockets?
Pulling arms right out of sockets
Steals the cat's food, with a shove
Fits our home just like a glove

Owns a pair of the saddest eyes
Goes to the door, looks up and cries,
Though you're only six weeks old
We all think you're solid gold!

Wrestles with his many toys
Gives us all the greatest joys
Can't think of when he wasn't here
Because he is our very dear...Syn-Syn!

Copyright 1991


Close your eyes my love and dare to dream
Of the most beautiful place that you've ever seen
See pretty maidens dancing with long, shining hair
The most wonderful things seem to be there
Hear the babbling sound of a pebbly brook
Give the Daffodil petals a second look
Take a great big whiff of those red roses
Over there! Two Bambis are rubbing noses
Watch the Pegasus fly by on giant wings
In that tall Gilden Tree a bluebird sings
A bunny hops by, with long flopping ears
The churhbell is chiming and everyone hears
That it's time for them all to go to their beds
And the sky is filled with shades of orange and reds
The Bluebird goes home to its tiny nest
The Knights lay down from their weary quests
In the Castle the Maidens lay
The Bunny is holed-up until the new day
And you, my love, dream tonight
Behold this magnificent, marvelous sight
Because Mommy loves you my doe-eyed girl
And upon your brow there lies a curl
And as I brush that curl aside
You sigh and smile as time you bide
Until sunlight streaks into your room
And wakens you into full-bloom
Then memories of your dream will do
To make life magickal for you
And when I look into your eyes
I see my own miniture sunrise.

Copyright 1991


I walk down that lonely road
Feeling like I'm all alone
I've been missing you all day
Wishing you were here at home

I get closer to that corner
Where I stand and wait each day
I can't wait to see your smiling face
There's so much I want to say

It's almost time, I can hardly wait
The other buses have all passed
There's a lot for us to do today
Why must your's alwsys be last?

When I see that schoolbus coming
Coming around that far, far bend
Those red stop lights are a-flashing
Yes, it's bringing home my best friend

So come on home my little love
Then we can laugh and play
I give you my solemn word
I'll be here everyday

And though, these days will one day end
There'll be different things for us to share
You'll prefer to be among your friends
But in my heart, I'll still be there!

Copyright 1991


A painter's board is usally colorful and gay
With colors that resemble a crispy Autumn's day
It looks like a rainbow that's been blown apart
Full of beautiful colors that come from the heart

The reds, the yellows, the greens, and the blues
All of these colors seem to remind me of you
They look so gay, yet inside they are sad
They are filled with the tears of a poor crippled lad

When you were born,you seemed simply, a lad that might die
Bur inside your heart there started a cry
"Let me live, let me live...
Oh please, let me live"

You spent seven years of your life in a wheelchair
Things that you loved only seemed to be there
Things that you felt, you felt from the start
Things that you loved, you loved from the heart

Now you are ten and walking all right
Because of your struggle to live, and the fight
You remind me of that paintboard, you really do
Because I'm your Sister and I love you!

Copyright 1970

Chrissie died yesterday
He just couldn't survive
He may be dead
But to me he's alive

Up in heaven where Chrissie stays
He's no longer crippled, he runs and he plays
Chrissie, I miss you, but then I guess you know I do
Because I'm your Sister, and I'll always love you.

Copyright September 1978

Two months and six days after Chrissie died
I took the most precarious ride
Up to the hospital to deliver
A brand new Daughter for Chrissie's Sister.

Oh, Chrissie was there, he was seen
How proud of Kristy he must have been!
I know that you're happy I named her after you, too
Because she's your Niece and she would have loved you!

Copyright November 1978

Twenty years have come and gone
Since I last sang Chrissie's song
Mom went to join him, I'm sad to say
But we all came to expect this day

Up in heaven he's on her knee
She's filling him in about our family tree
We're going to miss them, but I guess it's normal to
And because we're a family, one day we'll join them too.

Copyright 1998


I looked up at the stars
And took one in my hand
And brought it down to land
In a big, clean glass jar

I searched it for details
An put them into words
To sound like songs of birds
To see it tip-to-tail

It really was quite hard
It took me quite a while
But oh, to see you smile
It made me feel a bard

And when I think back
On all of the poems I've done
They are like rays of sun
They make up for the lace

On very rainy days
Of sunshine glowing down
They shine more joy around
Than words could ever say

Copyright 1991

More to come soon.  Drop by to see my latest poem additions!

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