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Carrie Duc
Deux Montagnes, Quebec

Branches off My Family Tree

MY DAUGHTER: Kristy Monika Carrie Duc (daughter of me and Danile Henry Burke) ME: Carrie Muriel Marleen Duc - sp#1: Daniel Henry Burke (son of Walter and Olga Burke), sp#2: Rejean Gilles Sylvain Heroux (son of Marguerite Heroux), sp#3: Robert Stephen Vegso (son of John Vegso and Judith Grimble). MY PARENTS: Kenneth Henry Duc (son of Rosario Julien Duc and Muriel Gibson) Eileen Dorothy O'Brien (daughter of Margaret Elizabeth Pratley of Montreal,QC, and Roger Hammerbeck, of Chateauguay, QC) MY GRANDPARENTS: Rosario Julien Duc (son of Pierre Duc and Marie Louise Bouin dit Dufresne of Montreal,QC) Muriel Gibson (daughter of George Gibson and Mabel Smith of E.T.,QC) Roger Hammerbeck (son of Marguerite Lamarche and a Sioux Indian from Saskatoon circa 1915) Margaret Elizabeth Pratley (daughter of James Pratley of Middlesex, England and Carrie Louise Hallett of Bournemouth, Eng) MY GREATGRANDPARENTS: Pierre Duc (son of Julien Bonaveture Duc and Marie-Josette Emery of Chermignon, Canton du Valais, Switzerland). Marie Louise Bouin dit Dufresne (daughter of ??? and ??? of MOntreal, QC) George Gibson (son of ??? and ???) Mabel Smith (daughter of ??? and ???) Marguerite Lamarche (daughter of Dominique Lactance Dufault dit Lamarche and Emilie Durand) Sioux Indian (from Saskatoon circa 1915) James Pratley (son of James Pratley and Elizabeth Hayward of GLS>MDX) Carrie Louise Hallett (daughter of James Hallett and Margaret Lavinia Harris of Dorset) MY GREATGREATGRANDPARENTS: Julien Bonaventure Duc (son of Marie Cecile Duc of Switzerland) Marie Josette Emery (daughter of ??? and ???) Dominique Lactance Dufault dit Lamarche (son of Lactance Dufault dit Lamarche and Caroline Leocadie Tellier) Emilie Durand (daughter of Treffle Durand and Julie Adeline Pellard) Margaret Lavinia Harris Hallett (daughter of ??? Harris and Caroline Harris - nee ???) MY GREATGREATGREATGRANDPARENTS: Marie Cecile Duc (daughet of Theodule Duc and Cecile Barras of Chermignon, Canton du Valais Switzerland) Lactance Dufault dit Lamarche (son of Charles Dufault dit Lamarche and Marguerite Tringle) Caroline Leocadie Tellier (daughter of ) Treffle Durand (son of Norbert Durand and Emilie Dalcourt) Julie Adeline Pellard (daughter of )

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