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Merlin Poem by Vixen (Carrie Duc-Vegso)

Merlin, oh Melin, why do you roam?
So very far from your family home.
Are there clouds floating by in your sky?
Can you use them as steps, leading so high?

Merlin, oh Merlin, why do you grieve?
Your Mother is crying, your family's bereaved.
When will you return to your famlly hearth?
To the very room where you had your birth.

Merlin, oh Merlin, Pendragon true.
What Uther and Ambrosius did to you!
But you had strength and persevered.
Having true faith in the Gods you revered.

Merlin, oh Merlin, what potions you brew!
Strong smelling ungents, aalves and balms too.
Long flowing beard, your staff and robe.
Travelling round and round the globe.

Merlin, oh Merlin, this is your trade.
Magick Enchanter, by the Gods you were made.
When Arthur is King and you are his right hand,
England will be at peace, your beloved land.

copyright Carrie Duc-Vegso 1991

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