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My Name is Carrie Duc-Vegso. I am 42, married and have a 20-year-old daughter. I live in a suburb of Montreal, Quebec, Canada. I have had IBS for many years. It has progressed to such a severe case that I am completely disabled now. I can not work anymore and have been on 50% disability since I became really ill in 1994.

I have these symptoms: diarrhoea/constipation, fecal incontinence, nausea, vomiting, migraines, bloating abdominally, back pain that shoots down my legs, chest pain, lymph glands that swell up and tears in my spinchter muscle. This has been going on daily since 1994! I take 8 Gravol 50mg a day, perscribed, just to keep food down! I have so many medications perscribed to take that the side-effects from them alone, disable me.

IBS is not recognized that much yet. In Canada, it's even worse than in other countries. We're far behind in medical recognition of certain ailments as being potentially disabling.

Now my private insurance company that has been paying my disability is trying to pass my case off to the Regie des Rentes du Quebec. Problem is the Regie has completely different criteria for describing "disabled". I was turned down and now the insurance is forcing me to appeal the Regie's decision. I make just above the level to be elidgible for Legal Aid and the Legal Aid doesn't consider your debts and the monthly payments you have to make on those, they only consider your income.

So, what can I do to raise the funds I need to pay the $5,000.00 my lawyer says I'll need to pursue the appeal in court? I don't believe in donations. I don't know where else to turn except to try and help myself this way. So, I've come up with this. How about an exchange! I'll sell a page of family recipes that are super for a minimum of $1.00 plus $1.00 s&h. Sorry but this is Quebec and I have to charge QST and PST on this. :-( I'll accept whatever payment you think is fair as long as it is above $2.00 in total.

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My Dad has IBS and now my Daughter is developping it. I must try to win this case and begin a precedant to show the world that IBS deserves to be recognized for what it is. A syndrome with varying degrees of symptoms from mild to completely disabling. For those of us who suffer daily with the latter, this case could be a landmark case regarding the rights of persons with "Orphan Illnesses in Quebec!" The case will be heard in the Fall of 1999 so we have to get moving on the fundraising a.s.a.p.

Let's make a stand here and now! Let's let everyone know that we're not going to just sit her and take it anymore! We are ill and we shouldn't be played like puppets between government agencies and insurance companies. Sometimes you just have to say, "enough is enough!"

So please help us in our fight against the unfair treatment people with severe and chronic IBS are suffering here in Quebec and Worldwide. By winning this case we begin a stride in the right direction. For the snail mail address to send your payment/donation for the recipe page please email me at and thanks again. Together, we'll beat this yet!


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I like my Ferrets! I have four! Slinky, Vixen, Shawnee, and Chewy. I love how quiet it is at night when I go online and can share with others who have IBD's and IBS. I am subscribed to two mail lists:, and Crohns Both can be subscribed via and these sites offer a support forum that hitherto this I'd never known possible before.